I am a filmmaker and photographer specializing in adventure sports and outdoor related media. The world is full of amazing people, places, and stories to tell. I try and capture them in the most engaging way possible.

After spending several years pursuing a traditional film career in Los Angeles, I discovered my passion for the outdoors and began refocusing my creative efforts there. My introduction to outdoor exploration came in the form of technical canyoneering, a lesser known sport that utilizes ropes and other gear to access canyons not accessible by traditional hiking. I gravitate towards exploring and capturing new places that few people have seen before. I am always expanding my technical skills and am currently pursuing technical rock climbing and mountaineering.

I have lived full time out a van since early 2014, allowing me to save money and spend more time developing my work and spending time in the outdoors.

Currently based in Portland, Oregon, I am continuously working on expanding my filmmaking and outdoor skillsets, and am always looking for that next great project or adventure.

Interested in working with me? Just want to say hello? Drop me a message here! I respond to all messages as quickly as I can.

A few of my adventures over the past few years.