I began pursuing adventure sports in 2014 while working in Los Angeles. I have always loved the outdoors, but it was then that I realized just how much there was to explore. It wasn’t long before I began packing camera equipment with me into these locations to capture their incredible beauty.

I have a background in photography as well as cinema cameras, having worked in professional rental houses in Los Angeles and Portland for over 5 years. I have experience with a variety of camera systems including RED, Arri, Canon, and Sony cameras, as well as motorized gimbal systems including the DJI Ronin and the Freefly Movi.


For the past several years, my primary focus has been in the canyoneering world. Canyoneering, or "canyoning", is a lesser known sport that combines hiking, climbing, rappelling, and swimming to navigate narrow gorges. My canyon adventures have led me to many locations throughout California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and the Pacific Northwest including British Columbia. Now located back in Portland, Oregon, I now spend much of my time exploring and documenting the ever growing number of beautiful canyons here in my own backyard.

I have lived full time out of a van since 2014, enjoying the financial and physical freedom that the lifestyle allows. I attribute many of my adventures over the past few years to this decision, and it’s been a life changing experience. 

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A few of my adventures over the past few years: